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Social Media Policies

It is no surprise that an area of concern for many businesses is Social Media.  Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and many other programs are gaining popularity at an incredible rate. This popularity means there is great marketing potential for both small and large business.  However, without clear guidelines to follow when dealing with social media there is potential for damage to a business’s reputation by its own employees as well as some liability issues that can arise. Many businesses have adopted a code of conduct or “social media policy” for their employees when dealing with social media programs.  Making a social media policy for your business is not only prudent, it is something that no successful business can afford to ignore.

It is important that your social media policy is a proactive document that encourages responsible conduct from your employees. After all, once any damaging information has been shared it is often too late for a policy to be effective. The damage has already been done.

A good social media policy sets out clear guidelines for employees and others on proper conduct when interacting with a social media site.  Gregory Wright will tailor any policy directly to your needs. He can also apply his legal experience and integrate it into the policy. Many current social media policies are written by human resource professionals with no legal background.  Gregory Wright has combined the best aspects of many Fortune 500 companies social media policies with his legal experience to create a document that can be specifically tailored to your needs.

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