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Other Estate Planning Devices

A properly worded and executed will qualifies the estate for an “independent administration.”  This is the standard probate procedure.  Filing fees and court costs are generally around $250 dollars.  If the estate has no debts, the will may also be probated as a Texas muniment of title.  This is a simplified process which transfers title to assets quickly and with less expense.

If a will has not been created and the estate is not over $50,000 then the probate judge may decide that the heirs need to be determined.  This happens with a Texas heirship proceeding.  Usually an attorney ad-litem is appointed by the judge to determine who the heirs are.  A Texas heirship proceeding  is generally more expensive than probating a will and can get quite costly if the estate is complex or there are minor children involved which would require a guardianship.

However, if there is not a will and the estate is under $50,000 then it is possible the estate may qualify for a small estate affidavit.  This is generally less expensive than an heirship proceeding, but can still be quite costly if there are minor children involved requiring a guardianship.

Regardless of the size of the estate, Gregory Wright will specifically tailor your estate plan to effectively execute your desires and preserve your wealth for you and your loved ones.

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