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Contract Drafting, Disputes and Negotiations

It is important when you make any contract that it is drafted well.  In order to draft a contract well the attorney must have a firm grasp on the finer points of contract writing. He must also have a keen attention to detail. Most importantly, the drafter must understand the underlying business deal so he can draft the contract to accurately reflect the parties’ intentions and avoid any nuances in language that could change the deal.   Gregory Wright knows how to add value to any contract by proactively discerning and resolving issues before they happen and drafting the contract to avoid them.

If a contract does end up in litigation it can be a stressful experience for all parties involved. However, stress can be reduced if the parties’ dispute is dealt with swiftly and cost-effectively.  Whether it is arbitration, mediation or litigation Gregory Wright will work hard on advocating for your rights as a party to the contract.

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