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Put a good attorney in your corner.

Gregory Wright founded the Law offices of Gregory D. Wright with the intention of providing top-quality legal services at a reasonable cost.  His dedication to personal, professional service recognizes that each client is unique and requires special consideration and care.
Despite best efforts to avoid litigation, sometimes the services of an attorney are required. A good lawyer is someone you can depend on to be on your side, fighting for your rights or the compensation you deserve.

Gregory Wright practices business law, estate planning, probate law, social media law and family law in the State of Texas.  He provides excellent service while at the same time keeping his rates competitive.  Thinking outside the box and customizing services to the issue at hand are an essential element of his practice.  No two problems are the same, and Gregory believes that any solution should be highly customized to effectively meet every client’s needs.

The initial consultation is free.

For further information on how Gregory can meet your needs at a reasonable price please contact or call his office at 972-215-7170.

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